Gaining Trade Insights with Trade Data Analytics

Using the trade data from TAITRA's wide range of sources, the newly launched iTrade platform enables informed marketing strategy formulation. It also enables the creation of smarter global marketing services and business models.




The iTrade platform aims to build an intelligent international trade ecosystem by using big data technologies, which include the collecting, computing and analyzing of data from global trade datasets. The iTrade platform offers insight modules such as Taiwan Export Performance, Key Export Market Selection, and Taiwan’s Competitive Products System. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly and enables a user to easily access visual representations of Taiwan’s trade performance. It offers comprehensive overviews about Taiwan's export performance, export market performance and market analysis, helping businesses to track monthly export figures and industry outlooks with greater ease. The analysis also provides insights into the ideal export product categories, the potential markets, and market trends. The insight offer businesses an advantage in seeking the ideal opportunities to develop and formulate the appropriate marketing strategies.


Trade Show Platform


In the interest of providing SEMs with references about which trade fairs to attend, the Trade Show Platform offers useful information about the world's major trade shows. The user can search for trade shows by criteria such as industry, country, location, date, numbers of exhibitors, numbers of visitors, and many other useful details. The platform also offers intuitive, visualized charts and graphs with key insights into the world's trade show trends.