Market Research and Publication

To assist Taiwan traders and manufacturers in coping with the challenges faced in the global marketplace and to enhance their competitiveness, TAITRA offers comprehensive market surveys and shares the latest data and trends with local business people through publications, online media, and seminars.


Market Surveys

TAITRA provides professional information of international trade and in-depth market surveys of manufacturing and services sectors on New Southbound Policy markets and China as well as developed economies. Researchers also conduct numerous analyses concerning important trade issues on a regular basis. Up-to-date research information and business opportunities can be acquired by businesses through seminars and digital publications.

For economic and trade agencies and Taiwanese business reference, TAITRA also compiles and publishes booklets containing the market trends and the latest economic and trade information.


Trade Insight Biweekly


Trade Insight Biweekly (TIB) is the most renowned and authoritative trade periodical in Taiwan. TIB gives manufacturers and traders a practical medium to gather the latest business information and issues from around the world. Over 100 MOEA and TAITRA overseas offices, along with over 30 local journalists, are involved in collecting, processing, and compiling current materials for this biweekly trade magazine. Made available to businesses throughout Taiwan and abroad, TIB covers the most updated news relating to business trends, emerging and developed markets, services, focal industries, MICE, creative designs, LOHAS and so forth. It also comes with a trade data supplement called Trade Opportunity, which contains a list of buyer inquiries collected by the overseas trade offices, as well as information on worldwide importers supplied by reputable business research organizations.


World Market Economic Information App

TAITRA's "World Market Economic Information App" contains economic and marketing information on 171 countries and regions. The App also reveals the latest bilateral trade statistics between Taiwan and the New Southbound Policy related economies. It is an indispensable tool for Taiwan's trade officials, companies and business leaders looking to develop global markets.


Country Trade Profiles Online

To assist Taiwan enterprises in sourcing useful information for business purposes, TAITRA set up a Chinese-language website:, which offers numerous links to other websites featuring international trade practices and country profiles of 171 nations. The website has attracted over 3,194,513 visitors since October 2005.