Promoting the Service Sector

To facilitate global expansion of Taiwan’s fast-growing service industry, TAITRA focuses on Healthcare Services, the Cultural and Creative Industry, Franchising, Biotech Herbal Industry, and Business Alliance Program, to assist businesses with developing international markets as well as business opportunities.


Healthcare Services


TAITRA has been actively promoting Taiwan’s medical services since 2008 through extensive exhibitions and trade missions to assist Taiwanese medical providers gain international visibility. Target regions are Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China, sharing similar cultural background and language with Taiwan. It has been extended to the Middle East region. Taiwan medical services have long been regarded as professional, safe, and customer-oriented.

Taiwan Healthcare Services have long been regarded as professional, safe, and customer-oriented. In 2002, World Health Organization (WHO) stated Taiwan to be the best international medical services provider in Asia. Such world-class medical excellence in both services and technologies is evident that 15 Taiwanese hospitals and 2 clinics were accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2017, based on the world’s most reliable set of hospital assessment criteria. TAITRA’s efforts in promoting Taiwan’s Healthcare Services over the past few years achieved a significant growth in 2016.


The Cultural and Creative Industries


To establish the branding of Taiwan’s cultural and creative industry as well as add value to the traditional manufacturing industry, TAITRA continues holding a series of overseas and domestic promotional activities specifically for the creative industries (art craft and design) and digital content industries (games and animation).

And with the flourishing development of original character design creation, the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices and the transformation of media nowadays, the IP application (characters, graphic, brand and digitalized art) becomes much more diverse.

In an effort to enhance Taiwan’s international collaborations and business opportunities, in 2016, TAITRA first cooperated with Licensing Industry Merchandiser’s Association(LIMA) to hold series of event, and also attended International Trade Show abroad.




Taiwan currently has more than 3,000 franchise systems, ranking after the United States, China, and Korea. Among them nearly 90% of Taiwan’s chain and franchise businesses are SMEs; over 140 headquarters of chain and franchise brands have expanded overseas, and the most active category in international chain development is the brand catering industry.

With the support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, TAITRA’s Services Promotion Center launched counseling programs on overseas development, branding and global marketing, as well as offered funding subsidies to support and facilitate the growth of Taiwan’s franchise and chain industry. In addition, TAITRA organizes several missions to countries such as Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.


Fostering Opportunities in Biotech Herbal Industry

From 2014, TAITRA has been organizing trade missions for Chinese herbal medicine wholesale companies to China, bridging with the local agents and retailors, creating further potential business opportunities. In 2017, to comply with “The New Southbound Policy” of Taiwan government, TAITRA also organizes a trade mission for Taiwan herbal medicine industry to Malaysia and Singapore, exploring the local sales channels.


Business Alliance Program


TAITRA's Business Alliance Program offers a unique service platform by working closely with the government while actively inviting foreign companies to build up solid business alliances with Taiwanese enterprises. By offering comprehensive trade and investment counseling and matchmaking services, the Business Alliance Program paves the way for long-term partnerships between foreign investors and Taiwanese enterprise.