Global Marketing

Procurement Meetings for Foreign Buyers and Taiwanese Suppliers


Taiwan is a leading supplier of technologically advanced products to the global market. It is home to producers of various key products, including electronics, IT components, photovoltaic application products, auto parts, machinery, hardware, and different industrial equipment. In order to assist Taiwanese companies in tapping into the vast overseas market, TAITRA is actively inviting foreign buyers to Taiwan for one-on-one procurement meetings with excellent Taiwanese suppliers. Through such arrangements, Taiwanese enterprises have more opportunity to do business with foreign buyers without the need to spend much on overseas business trips.


Customized Marketing Service Program (CMS)

The Customized Marketing Service Program is designed to create business opportunities in emerging markets of Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Poland, Russia and Iran. TAITRA’s branch offices in the 6 countries offer tailor-made marketing services, including recruiting of local project managers for buyer visits, updating market information and organizing promotional activities. The program helps reduce the initial barriers of entry and enables enterprises to uncover new opportunities.


International Trade Show


TAITRA organizes trade groups to participate in more than 50 international trade exhibitions held overseas annually. Over 1,000 Taiwanese enterprises have had the opportunity to participate in these events.


Taiwan Expo

TAIWAN EXPO has been held  14 times in 10 cities across  6 countriesincluding Indonesia, IndiaVietnam, Malaysiathe Philippines , and Thailand since 2017.
It has attracted near 300,000 visitors and received more than 4,100 reports fromdomestic and foreign media.
TAIWAN EXPO has effectively enhanced Taiwan's international visibility and imageand it has promoted Taiwan's industrial  image and national power to the New Southbound countries. It has also successfully deepened  bilateral  interaction in different  fieldsincluding culture tourismeducationmedical careand many other industries. In addition, TAIWAN EXPO has not only encouraged people from ASEAN and India to become acquainted with Taiwanbut has also attracted more people to visit Taiwan or plan to study here.

Trade Mission


TAITRA organizes trade missions to visit various cities around the world, such as Middle East, Africa, Japan, South Korea, Latin America, and India to promote the representative industries of Taiwan, which include automobile parts, hardware, flat panel display, sports equipment, and medical equipment. Over 600 Taiwanese companies take part in these trade missions annually, engaging some 12,000 foreign business people in business discussions.


Overseas Office Rental Service

In order to assist Taiwanese companies to develop their businesses in overseas markets, TAITRA collaborates with BOFT and MOEA in providing Overseas Business Center (OBC) service in over 40 countries and 60 cities globally.
Taiwanese companies who look for a week’s use of meeting rooms could take advantage of this service for free, and could even get a special price for longer use in designated locations. The service package includes market and investment information provided by TAITRA’s overseas branch offices. OBC is the ideal choice for companies to pursue multiple overseas markets.

New Southbound Company Networking Association


To implement the government’s “New Southbound Policy” and assist our Taiwanese companies in exploring business opportunities, TAITRA established the “New Southbound Market Networking” platform in 2017 and invited Taiwanese companies to participate together. This platform targets on the markets of 18 countries, including 10 from ASEAN and six from South Asia, along with New Zealand and Australia.  On this core platform, TAITRA regularly holds off-line events such as forums or seminars. Moreover, the exclusive website—"Southern Star Club”—is particularly established to provide instant information sharing and support to the joined members who can directly interact with TAITRA overseas offices. With the help of various promotional activities, this platform is expected to further facilitate Taiwanese companies’ efforts to seize potential trade opportunities in the new southbound markets.

2020 Global Dynamic Trade Mission

TAITRA assists enterprises in exploring overseas markets. The 2020 Global Dynamic Trade Mission is customized in arranging one-on-one business meetings by 63 Taiwan Trade Centers around the world. One to three companies can form a trade mission and are entitled to take advantage of this flexible and tailored service. It provides both virtual and online meetings, accurately matching enterprises with potential buyers to explore unlimited business opportunities.

Taiwan-USA Trade & Investment Networking Center and Taiwan-U.S. Entrepreneurs Networking

TAITRA in 2019 established the Taiwan-USA Trade & Investment Networking Center as a communication platform in cooperation with the following American institutes:​​
  • The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)
  • The American State Office Association (ASOA)
  • The American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (AmCham)
This center operates with five functions: Coordination, Consulation, Market Research, Referrals, and Networking Circle. With these functions, the center is capable of providing timely support to Taiwan enterprises to expand their trade in th United States.
Meanwhile, the global situation is changing dramatically in 2020, and the Taiwan-U.S. partnership has reached its best state.  Now is the best time to establish a business platform to fulfill Taiwan-U.S. Partnership version 2.0.  Under the operational framework of Taiwan-USA Trade and Investment Networking Center, Taiwan-U.S. Entrepreneurs Networking has been established, and members include multinational corporation, small and medium sized businesses and industry/ Manufacturers associations. Taiwan-U.S. Entrepreneurs Networking will build a digital communication platform to develop dialogue mechanisms on five major themes, including trade, investment, industrial cooperation, start-ups, talents, etc. At the same time, periodic workshops will also be held to share resources, experience and exchange ideas together under the common goals of developing market opportunities in the U.S.