Promoting the Service Sector

To facilitate global expansion of Taiwan’s fast-growing service industry, TAITRA focuses on Healthcare Services, the Cultural and Creative Industry, Franchising, Biotech Herbal Industry, and Business Alliance Program, to assist businesses with developing international markets as well as business opportunities.


Healthcare Industry​


Taiwan’s health industry has gained international recognition for its high-quality software and hardware products. TAITRA has promoted the overseas export of Taiwan’s international medical services since 2008, with the scope thus far covering international medical services, pharmaceuticals, long-term care and smart health, and other health-related industries. Through exhibitions and overseas trade delegations, TAITRA has facilitated the global marketing of the healthcare industry, especially in regions like mainland China and Southeast Asia, which share similar cultures and languages. TAITRA has further increased publicity and exposure by expanding to markets in the Middle East.
In recent months, due to the impact of COVID-19, in order to overcome the restrictions of physical exchanges in person, TAITRA has established a digital online "Taiwan Global Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion" for the world, which integrates Taiwan's medical advantages through many aspects such as anti-epidemic webinars, medical material supply chain matchmaking, public health expert knowledge, and anti-epidemic practices in Taiwan. By cooperating with domestic industries, medical institutions, public association groups, and the Taiwanese government, TAITRA has been able to synthesize this information into an anti-epidemic ecosystem. This in turn has led to a greater sharing of the anti-epidemic experiences, and increased matchmaking for medical science supplies, technology, and equipment, while providing government agencies, professional medical staff and international buyers from the countries suffering from the epidemic with a one-stop service platform. International visitors with different needs can find solutions here, and simultaneously, a digital marketing campaign was launched to match up domestic hospitals with medical-related enterprises in the New Southbound market, mainland China, central and South America, and other countries. This campaign has included conducting online anti-epidemic seminars, promoting anti-epidemic products and services from Taiwan, and showing the strength of Taiwan’s medical and healthcare industry. For more information, visit TAITRA online at the "Taiwan Global Anti-covid-19 Pavilion":


The Cultural and Creative Industries


To promote Taiwan's international trade in cultural and creative services and to assist Taiwanese enterprises to explore overseas business opportunities in targeted markets, TAITRA focuses on high-potential industries, including digital games, animation, good design products and art & craft boutiques. In this regard, TAITRA organized a variety of overseas and domestic promotional activities.
The activities aimed to connect Taiwanese enterprises with the most popular trends in industries, to invite international buyers to participate in the interactive platform in Taiwan, and to share market survey results. Key events include:
  • Organized delegations to attend international trade shows and held one-on-one business match meetings for Taiwanese enterprises.
  • Formed the Cultural and Creative Industries platform for interaction, matching business needs, and empowering businesses.
  • Organized Taiwan In Design Pavilions and promoted Taiwan licensing business around the world.




Taiwan currently has more than 3,000 franchise systems, ranking after the United States, China, and Korea. Among them nearly 90% of Taiwan’s chain and franchise businesses are SMEs; over 140 headquarters of chain and franchise brands have expanded overseas, and the most active category in international chain development is the brand catering industry.
With the support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, TAITRA’s Services Promotion Center launched counseling programs on overseas development, branding and global marketing, as well as offered funding subsidies to support and facilitate the growth of Taiwan’s franchise and chain industry. TAITRA also held professional market developing events, which were targeted at markets of Northeast Asia (Japan & Korea), Australia, and Southeast Asia. In addition, TAITRA assisted Taiwan franchise brands in their overseas opening ceremonies and marketing events. To sum up, TAITRA provides overseas support and enhances Taiwan franchise brand awareness and images.


Herbal Medicine Industry

Since 2014, TAITRA has assisted traditional Chinese medicine wholesalers to successively hold trade delegation activities in mainland China. In recent years, TAITRA has cooperated with the government's New Southbound Policy to lead Taiwan’s herbal medicine industry to the New Southbound countries for marketing and actively exploring local sales channels.
Taiwan's market scale and maturity of concentrated compound Chinese herbal medicine ranks in the top in the world, with rich basic research and strict quality control standards. It has been incorporated into the GMP system and adopted the same rigorous quality controls as western medicine. Incorporated into the national health insurance in 1996, Taiwan has the world's only database of traditional Chinese medicine, which can serve as the basis for scientific and clinical research of traditional treatments. Traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine are integrated into a small yet beautiful delicate medical care service. Through trade delegation groups and one-on-one business meetings, TAITRA has assisted the Taiwan herbal medicine industry to bridge with agents and distributors of various countries to build cooperation, improve the global image and awareness of Taiwan’s herbal medicine and supplements industry, and further promote it on the international stage.

Business Alliance Program


TAITRA's Business Alliance Program offers a unique service platform by working closely with the government while actively inviting foreign companies to build up solid business alliances with Taiwanese enterprises. By offering comprehensive trade and investment counseling and matchmaking services, the Business Alliance Program paves the way for long-term partnerships between foreign investors and Taiwanese enterprise.